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The Ozarks: The People, the Mountains, the Magic

Voyageur Press. 1996.

Combining nature and culture, this book explores the natural wonders and unique lifestyle that thrive in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and Missouri. Ten chapters and 78 color photos capture the beauty of the nation’s only heartland wilderness.

96 pages, soft cover, $26.95

Books by George Oxford Miller

Landscaping with Native Plants of Southern California Voyageur Press, 2008.

This definitive guide to Southern California’s native landscape plants describes how to colorscape your yard for year-round beauty, choose plants adapted to your design, and save money on maintenance and water utilities. In-depth profiles describe more than 300 species with color photos and planting guidelines.

192 pages, soft cover, $24.95

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Landscaping with Native Plants of the Southwest

Voyageur Press, 2007.

The leading gardening book on ornamental native plants of Arizona and new Mexico. this richly illustrated guide covers trees, shrubs, cacti, vines, and groundcovers, plus chapters on planting and care, energy and water conservation, and other landscape mainstays.

192 pages, soft cover, $24.95

Landscaping with Native Plants of Texas

Voyageur Press. 2013.

The second edition of this award winning book is updated with the latest native arrivals at nurseries across Texas. The book received the Texas Library Association’s “Best Resource Book of 2008” award. The revised edition covers more plants with a new format and more photos. It describes in detail how to landscape with more than 350 of Texas’ most ornamental native species.

192 pages, soft cover, $24.99

A Field Guide to Wildflowers, Trees, and Shrubs of Texas.

Lone Star Publishers. Revised Edition, 2003.

With more than 400 color photos and 650 species described, this identification guide does the job of three books. Accurate keys, drawings, and easily understood language make the book a snap to use by everyone.

347 pages, soft cover, $22.95

Texas Parks and Campgrounds

Lone Star Publishers. Third Edition, 2009.

A comprehensive guide for camping and recreation in Texas. The book has set the standard for guide books in Texas since 1983. This vacation guide describes in detail all the state, federal, municipal parks with campgrounds, as well as day-use and historical parks, and the unique features and recreation that make them noteworthy.

290 pages, soft cover, $19.95

The Texas Hill Country

Voyageur Press. 1991.

When Texans sing “Deep in the Heart of Texas,” they’re referring to the scenic Hill Country. With 65 color photos and ten chapters, this book describes the ranching tradition, natural wonders, and pioneer legacy of Texan’s favorite section of the Lone Star State.

96 pages, hardcover, $21.95

A Field Guide to Wildlife of Texas and the Southwest

Gulf Publishing. 1990.

Critically acclaimed by school teachers and nature lovers alike as entertaining as well as a great resource. Written in magazine style, this book covers 40 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, and invertebrates with descriptions of unique adaptations and cultural relationships to human.

40 color photographs, 260 pages, hardcover, $21.95.

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Wildflowers of Texas – iBook Field Guide

iTunes Book Store, 2020

[for Apple devices only]

With 1,070 pages, 2,500 expandable color photographs, and descriptions of more than 700 species, this is the most comprehensive field guide to Texas wildflowers ever published. Each detailed species description is fully interactive with 4–8 expandable photos and hyperlinks to similar species. The Table of Contents has scrollable thumbnails and the built-in iBook dictionary explains unfamiliar terms with a single click. Whether in the field, classroom, lab, or the comfort of your home, this fully interactive guidebook makes flower ID easier than it’s ever been. Click the adjacent cover to preview the iBook.

1,070 pages, 2,500 expandable, full-page photos, $9.95