Wildflower ID in the Digital Age

Whether in the field, classroom, lab, or the comfort of your home, this fully interactive guidebook makes flower ID easier than it’s ever been.

Detailed Descriptions

With full descriptions of more than 380 species and the bonus SIMILAR SPECIES section for each species that describes look-alike flowers, this guide book will help you identify nearly 700 species.

Interactive Search – Hyperinks

To find a flower by common or scientific name, simply type it in the search function and a list of entries appears. Or scroll through the Table of Contents, which groups flowers by color with a ribbon of thumbnails across the bottom. Hyperlinks within the text lead to Similar Species described elsewhere in the book.

 wildflowers  of  Texas 
Fully  interactive  e-book  guide


  1. Detailed plant descriptions

  2. Bloom and range info

  3. 4–8 full-page photos highlighting flower & leaf details.

  4. Notes on plant uses, adaptive strategies, ecological niche

  5. 1,078 pages, 2,500 photos

  6. Not scanned pages – All pages fully interactive

  7. Illustrated interactive glossary

Reference Book, Encyclopedia, or Field Guide?

All of the above–it’s digital. And chances are it’s in your pack or purse all the time.

With 1,078 pages, 380+ primary plant descriptions, 300 similar species descriptions, and 2,500 expandable color photographs, this is the most comprehensive field guide to Texas wildflowers ever published.

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Photo Interactive Features

Every entry includes 2–4 photos within the text description. Click or tap the photo once to enlarge it to full size, and twice to expand it more. Drag the photo around to inspect close-up details of the plant: the flower parts, leaf margin, hair structure.

Most entries also include a full-page photo or a gallery of 1–3 descriptive photos. Tap the photo to enlarge it, use the finger spread to enlarge it more. Scroll to the next photo with a finger sweep, tap the side arrows or tap the thumbnails. Click the “Done” box on the top left corner to exit the gallery. Some photos also have interactive widgets embedded in the picture that point out characteristics that help identification. Tap the embedded box to enlarge the feature.

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